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Empowering Future Generations

Wildlife Superheroes is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes our next generation – kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old – to make a tangible, meaningful, and lasting impact on our most valuable shared asset: Mother Earth and all her beings. Our credo is guided by the age-old principle that Wildlife Superheroes is Of the Kids, By the Kids, and For the Kids.

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Our Team Force has 3 core tenets arrow down

Of the new generation

All the constituents of Wildlife Superheroes are between 0 to 18 years old.

By the new generation

All decisions and appointments are made by our Superheroes. Adults can be advisors; but all decisions and actions are driven by our Superheroes.

For the new generation

Most importantly, our charter is to enhance and maximize the health, happiness, security, and overall well being of the new generation.

arrow left downOur Team Force

It all started with a Dream (and a little bit of rage)


Ayaan K.

Founder of Wildlife Superheroes


Zoya K.

Founder of Wildlife Superheroes

Join the Team Force

Your Mission is to rescue our Planet and ALL its beings – the human beings, the animal beings, the plant beings, and all other environmental beings – from degradation and destruction. We deserve a safe and healthy environment to thrive and be happy.




Become a Superhero!
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